Managed Distributions

All our distributions are managed by “distribution coordinators” who meet our “distribution athletes” very early every morning , drip feed them throughout the day ensuring their bags are light weight and can therefore move quickly through their maps. These distribution coordinators are also on hand to problem solve in real-time ensuring all your marketing material is making it’s way through residents doors in the appropriate way.

This is by no means a unique feature as there are about half a dozen other companies that offer a similar service, but we invite you to participate in our “tag along” service whereby you can spend an hour plus with our teams watching them doing their work, as we believe we have the managed distributions nailed to a fine art.

Live GPS Tracking

All our distribution athletes always work with GPS throughout their shift. This helps our coordinators monitor and track them throughout the day & we will generate a free report for you on your 1 st distribution.

Report is available for subsequent distributions for a small fee as it costs us money to generate it & free on the day in real-time.

State of the Art Mapping

We have invested a lot of time, money & effort into this aspect of our business. By ensuring our distribution athletes have the best mapping tools at their disposal we have seen that on average we can shave off between 45 to 60 mins off of our normal daily routine ensuring increased productivity & increasing the scope of what we are able to do for our clients.

Back Checking

Having distribution coordinators within the distribution zone throughout the day ensures we can conduct real-time “back checking” on the day of distribution as one of our control measures. Each distribution co-ordinator picks 1 to 2 roads at random out of every 5 to 8 covered and knocks on a minimum of 10 houses per road.

The distribution athletes ahead never know which these will be and therefore they need to ensure that all their work is always immaculate. This is one of several control measures.

Fast, Motivated Teams

Our distribution athletes are amoung the highest paid in the industry. They know from their training & it is drilled into them that this can only be possible with increased productivity on their part. They are all paid above minimum wage ALWAYS ensuring they value their job and consider themselves postmen/women in every sense. We also regularly conduct staff party’s for them bi-monthly and afford them all the opportunity to chip in on what they feel would help improve their work or working environment.

At present we have 36 distribution athletes and 6 distribution co-ordinators capable of distributing upto 50K flyers a day. We plan an increasing these numbers very slowly ensuring only the very best and most reliable join our teams.

More Reasons to Choose LGG Marketing

We have many attractive offers for different types of businesses, below you will find some of them, but please give us a call, tell us a bit more about your business and your requirements and let us use our vast experience & innovative systems to ensure we can help you get the most out of your marketing needs.

Here are some of the offers which might be beneficial to your business:

  • 5% discount to all new clients who are willing to give us a go and tag along
  • Referral Rewards: Refer a friend/other business and when they make their 1st booking with us, we will reward you with a discount on your next distribution
  • Permanent discounts for Registered Charities – Because we like to help others
  • Franchise chain discounts – If you are a franchise owner, bring others from your chain and earn permanent discounts for all your distributions,
  • Free delivery on all print jobs
  • Free assistance selecting the right area, demographics as well as maps for your distributions
  • Detailed Map & street reports which help you track your responses
  • Very competitive & attractive prices.

These are only a few of the offers we have, to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0203 7735 835.

Door 2 Door Important Information

Leaflet distribution as a form of marketing is a cost effective, partially targeted/ targeted (depending on your requirements and budget) and an invaluable way of bringing in new business. It is a great addition to your marketing mix and is especially effective at enabling local firms to create brand awareness within their communities.

The 1st and one of the most important steps is to ensure that you create & have printed “marketing material” that stands out, looks different or captures the residents attention. Research shows that the average person glimpses at a leaflet for 2 & 3 seconds & it is within that time that they decide whether or not to continue looking at/continue reading your marketing material. Therefore it goes without saying that depending on your industry, different forms of media from letters, leaflets to more bespoke designs will be effective ways of capturing your audiences attention. Contact us for more advice on this.

This can only be achieved through shared distributions which have the “pro” of being a bit cheaper but also have “cons” too, contact us for more information. If you are strictly focussing on solus distributions i.e your leaflet gets posted on its own then £30 per thousand is IMPOSSIBLE in most areas. There are many leaflet distribution companies out there & some will happily take your money & promise you the job will get done. Our distribution athletes have state of the art equipment and mapping tools plus they move very quickly (running in some instances) through their maps and we have found it near impossible to be able to complete work at £30/1000. However don’t take our word for it, we invite you to participate in our “tag along” service where you can spend an hour plus with our teams watching them posting your marketing material for your peace of mind. If it has proven impossible for us moving very rapidly imagine how likely it is for someone to achieve that “walking”. Do the calculations for yourself, it takes on average 7-10 hrs for someone walking to post 1000 leaflets depending on the area they are covering. Even using 7 hrs multiplied by minimum wage and so forth, we are sure you get the picture, one always gets what they pay for. Having said that as we ensure our teams move quickly through their routes increasing productivity we are able to offer you cost effective blanket, solus drops that fit into your marketing budget.

We always get asked this question, off course we understand ROI is most important to you as it is to us, by helping you achieve a positive ROI it helps to ensure you keep coming back for why would you stop something that is working, correct? The most honest & accurate response we can give to this is it depends on industry, type of media, area or location you are flyering relative to the product/service you are offering. For example a pizza company puts out 10000 leaflets within an area in Fulham and they get an additional 375 orders on that day/weekend as a result. An estate agent also puts out 10000 leaflets in exactly the same area but only gets 17 responses as a result. Off course it would be amazing if 375 people within the area all wanted to sell/rent their property through the estate agents as well, however although this is not the case in this instance both organisations are pleased with their responses. The pizza company has made its return on investment, increased brand awareness and also taken orders that could have/ would have been captured by a rival pizza company in the same area. The estate agents managed to close 9 deals out of the 17 enquiries . 4 sales & 5 lettings plus they received continued enquiries as the weeks went on from individuals who didn’t want to let/sell at the time but kept the leaflet for the future. 1 of the sales deals paid for 3 distributions of 10K each and the rest was profit plus they also increased their brand awareness. While we understand response rate is an important question, it is a difficult one to answer as results are always varied, experimentation is the best form of R&D. What we can advise is to focus on getting 2 things right (i) distributing the right type of media that will capture your audiences attention & (ii) work with a reputable, reliable distribution company that will help you maximise your responses purely by doing what they should be doing efficiently.

The above 2 points are important factors to consider before conducting your leaflet distribution campaigns. It takes a different amount of time to complete 10000 leaflets for example in the following 3 areas (i) Fulham ,(ii) Barnet & (iii) Banstead . In Banstead for instance the houses are much bigger and more widely spaced apart therefore in the time it would take a distributor to post 10 leaflets through 10 different doors in Fulham or Barnet, in Banstead they will post to fewer houses as it takes them longer between each letterbox. This is important when getting quotes and considering which areas to cover (especially if you cover multiple boroughs).

Our affiliate company “Local Green Guide Ltd” are currently working on a FREE to the public monthly, borough specific magazine designed to bring together some of the marketing material entering residents doors into 1 monthly edition, thereby reducing the amount of leaflets discarded by residents. This will in no way stop leaflet distributions as this method doesn’t work for all companies and one can never stop media entering residents doors, it is purely a way of tidying it up as best as possible. Advertising in the magazine will be between 33% to 90% cheaper than designing, printing and distributing your leaflets individually along with a whole list of other added advantages as well, contact us to enquire. If you have any ideas that you feel will help improve the door drop industry then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are active members of the DMA and are always working hand in hand with other DMA members to help improve the services we offer both to the public & local & national businesses.