There are many different factors why a leaflet distribution can either be a success or a failure. Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your leaflet distribution campaign is the design of your media.

Statistics show that the average resident spends 2 to 3 seconds glancing at non-addressed mail that makes its way through their door. Hence it goes without saying that with multiple forms of media entering residents doors daily, yours has to stand out to entice them to continue looking at it and eventually read through it .

What we would advise you therefore is before pursuing a leaflet/door drop campaign, spend enough time on ensuring that the design of your media is representative of your brand and company ethos from the material used, to the colours, the message and any images, all of this must be well thought out.

If this is a niggle for you or your marketing department then by all means contact us at LGG marketing and we’ll be more than happy to help. We have worked on and either designed or helped design thousands of different types of media from a standard A5 flyer, to business cards, posters, brochures, magazines, you name it we either have the expertise to do it ourselves or know where to source the expertise.


Working in partnership with the biggest & most reputable printing companies ensures that we can beat most printing quotes that you will obtain as we print & distribute hundreds of thousands of pieces of media every month.

From leaflets, magazines, business cards, letters, you name it whatever promotional material you want printed we can provide you with a price beating quote!

Depending on your budget, location and what you need to be done, we also have great turnaround times anywhere from 24 hrs to 7 days nationwide with free delivery to one address per order.


Leaflets and Flyers

Whatever your usage, from door 2 door distributions, to club promotions, church circulars, inserted into newspaper or on your counter, full colour leaflets are low cost, look great & at LGG marketing we offer you a variety of options from silk, gloss or matt paper to whatever thickness you require. We can also cut out various shapes for you within the leaflet and offer a variety of sizes. Click on “get quote” now, tell us your requirements.

Variable Data Prints

Do you send out addressed or blanket letters to your potential clients? Then look no further , this is one of our specialties & we act as a mailing house for many satisfied clients from estate agents designing, printing & distributing 100K letters a month to pizza restaurants mailing 5 K letters a month to residents who haven’t ordered recently. We even have some great tips on how to address the letters to yield higher responses.

Posters Printing

Posters are large printed announcements from your firm / organisation. As they say a poster speaks for itself & one of the advantages of posters is they can be used several times and presented at different events. Posters are also suitable for raising awareness quickly and are great for new product launches. Whatever your posters requirements, click on the get a quote icon or call us now.

Newspapers & Newsletters

Do you have regular ( daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) publication which you need printed quickly with every stringent deadlines ? Would you like us to arrange distribution as well? Whatever your newspaper/ newsletter publication requirements contact us for both a quote or an in depth discussion on how we can save you £££ ‘s as well as help to streamline your publication operations.

Business Cards

Are you looking for cheap but professional looking business cards to get you going ? Or maybe you want sleek , gold embossed business cards that emphasize your status . Look no further , whatever your business card requirements from thick 400 gsm +, silk, glass or the preferred matt laminated card we have options to suit all tastes . Get a quote or call us now.

Brochures and Booklets

A brochure / booklet is a small book or magazine, usually less than 10 pages, containing pictures & information about your product or service. Whatever your imagination or requirements, we can print standard or bespoke brochures for you, are incredibly affordable rates. Get quote or call us now.

Banners Printing

Banners sometimes confused with posters are long strips of cloth ( usually PVC) bearing a companies slogan or design & either used in presentations or hung in public places. These have the advantages of being long lasting, are affordable to print & just like posters can be re-used over and over again. We have very fast turnaround times with these and competitive prices as well.

Stationery Printing

Do you want your company logo printed on your stationary , or stationary that we have in stock? From writing pads, pens, staples to letter headed paper, cuttery, trays etc whatever your stationary branding requirements LGG marketing can help. Click on get a quote or call us now and tell us your requirements & we will get back to your shortly.


A selection of products and services we provide that sell especially well amongst Estate Agents, Fast Food Chains, Restaurants  and other businesses. Please contact us for a full product list.