About The Company

With over 30 years’ experience, we are experts in planning and executing marketing campaigns and cover all areas within London and its surrounding counties. We are innovating & changing the way distributions are conducted by using innovative techniques to improve efficiency and productivity. We are Full, proud members of the prestigious DMA association and are bound as well as adhere to their code of conduct.

We do a lot of work for a variety of different companies from other marketing & advertising firms that use us as their own in-house distribution team to high street brands such as Papa John’s and Dominos Pizza, Nuffield Health gyms, IC property, Maid2clean, Schools, Councils, we’ve done work for Mercedes Benz, a host of estate agents and many more not listed.

We are also a Green Company and re-plant trees monthly on behalf of our clients who print and distribute with us as a socially responsible way of replenishing that which we use. Click on our Environment & Recycling tab for more information and to join us in offsetting some of your carbon footprint.

Estate agents use us as their own mailing house & we are very keen on bespoke distributions as long as you can think it and we can execute it, we will work out what we need in-terms of resources and quote you accordingly. We distribute on average about 50k pieces of media a day and can take all the hard work involved in arranging your leaflet distribution or direct marketing campaign from designing to printing and finally distributing your media, you can leave the entire process to us.

As we print hundreds of thousands of pieces of media every month we get very favourable rates from a host of the top printing companies around and are able to beat over 83% of quotes presented to us. If you are looking for a sleek service then you have come to the right place, do not hesitate to contact us now whatever your marketing requirements.

How We Distribute

With distributions be it blanket door 2 door, bespoke or direct mail, we deliver promotional material all over London and surrounding areas. At LGG Marketing we hire fit and athletic distributors or distribution athletes who move quickly and efficiently from door to door distributing your promotional material. Most important of all is our distribution athletes are managed throughout the day by distribution coordinators who oversee the entire delivery of your media.

Coordinators are very important as they are on hand throughout the day to problem solve, support and ensure the distributors have what they need at all times, speak to any residents if necessary as well as track the distribution athletes via GPS on their iPads throughout the day conducting various checks along the way too. To show you how well we treat our staff, how well they are trained, how we can guarantee you that all your media makes its way through your potential client’s letterboxes, we urge and invite you to free up an hour of your time and come and meet plus watch our teams in action in what we call a tag along for your peace of mind and as part of our total transparency policy.