Promotions & Event Staff

At LGG Marketing we offer various forms of street promotions. Whether you need 1 to 100 individuals for a once off special event or whether you need promoters on an on-going basis once a week, once a month we have various packages to suit your needs.

We can even accommodate 100’s of promoters in a single day across the whole of the U.K. No job is too big or too small, we have the software, systems, planning techniques and logistical know how to ensure we can plan and have promoters where you want them, when you want them and who are fully briefed on your brand, products, services & offers.

If it’s hand-to-hand, face-to-face street promoters you require then we have just the solution to help your brand stand out amongst others. Our promoters don’t just give out your marketing material but they ensure every interaction counts. We will also provide you with detailed reports afterwards on any piece of data you wish to collect for example, number of leaflets distributed, number of demos conducted (if applicable, job specific), number of people the distributor interacted with, number of people that rejected the brochure & so forth.

Collecting statistical data will give you invaluable information that will help both you and LGG Marketing improve upon your future promotions and adapt to what your clients require. To enquire about this or any of our other services or even just to give us some feedback on a promoter you saw representing us, please click on the contact us button.